Too Much of a Good Thing

A highly exaggerated collection of ornaments based on traditional decorative tableware usually used in ceremonial table settings, ranging from 10cm to 60cm in height. 

The work is predominantly made in porcelain, chosen for its translucent and stone like qualities, ideal for showing the multifaceted surface, which are achieved through the hand carving of the objects. The objects tend to be left with little or no glaze on them in order to enhance the intricate detail of this at times highly unpredictable technique.

These ornate decanters, goblets and vanity table trinkets are transformed as they are combined with other pieces of their kind or with glass objects collected from charity shops, thrift shops or antique markets.

The off balance and quirky nature of the work create a great sense of playful movement and just as with the glass objects that inspired them the porcelain ornaments come to life as the light moves across the surface texture. Ultimately, a setting is created that encourages excess as the viewer surveys the stage that has been set; layers of goblets line the table of a place set for one, or sugar overflows from the enlarged sugar bowl in the tea set.